Thursday, August 30, 2007

It's The Little Things

I tried looking for a old picture of my office computer, but it seems I've cut out all the bad stuff out of the photos so the harsh uglies didn't make you burn your retinas. The best I could do was this back from March:

and you really can't see much...but just for time sake, trust me. It was ugly...burn your retina ugly. I blame my non-contact-wearing eyes on this big ass monitor. Do you see the monitor in relation to the keyboard...yeah the end of the desk is at the end of the keyboard. Talk about no room...Anywho...I got a new monitor. It might not be top of the line, off the assembly new, but it is a serious upgrade for me.

That is my desk...where all the magic happens;) I'm super super happy, as I had the old monitor or close to 9 years. Look I've got so much space I can put papers on my desk and they don't go flying off onto the floor!

And in case your wondering about the Michael Jordan image on my desk. That is one of my own sketches that I did to long ago back when he was 23 the first time.

Now if I can only find a place for my samples.

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Knitterary said...

You samples, my slush pile! We have the same office -- or we will, once I get my new computer. :D