Friday, August 17, 2007

I Love Videos

If you've ever had to do a provisional cast-on before, you'll know they are a bit tricky. In the past, I would make a knit cast-on for the desired amount of stitches with some waste yarn. Once it came time to take out this fake row, I would have to undo each stitch and sometimes even cut it out. Talk about stressful.

Well, some time back the SnB group were discussing this provisional cast-on and how doing a crochet chain is much easier. I feel very awkward with a crochet hook, but hell I was willing to give it a try! You make a single crochet chain with the desired amount of stitches and pick up the bumps with your needle. The greatest part is at the end when you get to take it out. The chain just unravels and it's so superior to the other method I had been using.

So, now we forward to this past fiber event, Stitches. Oh, my folks...I've learned to do the provisional cast-on method straight on the picking up of bumps! My new Project Sahara calls for this method and I was super excited to use my new knowledge. When I picked up the needle and crochet hook...I drew a blank. Oh Crap. I had lost it....quick search on the web and looky-looky...

Crochet Provisional Cast-On Video I love knitting videos.

Here is my first row...awwww. Don't you just love that. Why am I such a geek about this? Who knows, but I just am so excited to start making this;)

And just so you know I'm making the one with short sleeves in the upper right corner. Yummy silk, I just hope I can wear this before it gets too cold outside;)

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Knitterary said...

Movie night at Red's! I'll bring the popcorn. :D

My favorite part of any project is casting on....