Wednesday, September 05, 2007

A Lovely Holiday

You can blame my husband for lack of photos. No cord = No Pictures – so how is it we can find all cords for old cell phones, video games and some cords I have know idea what they do. But no luck with a cord I use every other day? sigh.

Time is going way to fast and by tomorrow I will be missing my family again until the next gathering is scheduled. sigh. My plan is this...Win the lottery.

I'm also falling behind on my Bloglines...last I checked it was 45 entries that need to be read. With so much going time to read up on all my favorite blogs. It will most likely take me weeks to get back on my schedule.

Secrete knitting it coming along great, but the damn Sahara has to be ripped again. Third time is a charm? sigh. I would be mad but I'm on holiday and there is no time for knitting upsets.

I hope everyone had a lovely Labor day...I know I am;)

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