Sunday, August 19, 2007

A Day With Thomas

My little Mac is turning 3 in a couple of days and one the gifts I wanted to give her was a chance to see Thomas and Friends up close. The whole family traveled out to Union, IL for a Day Out with Thomas. The day before there was perfect weather and Miss Mac was showing off her bike skills.

I think I'll need to wear my roller blades just to keep up;) From that night on, it's been non-stop rain. We invested in some rain ponchos and tried to enjoy the day. Here is a classic example of putting on a good front.

Miss Mac super happy to see Thomas the train and just seconds ago we had this:

I think we all kinda felt that way. We didn't really get to enjoy all the events, but we are planning to go back next year and hope for clear skies.

Here is the highlight of the day...Yes Sir Topham Hat...she didn't stop talking about how he put his arm around her and how he's coming over to our house. Talk about star struck;)


Rebecca said...

OMG so cute! You're gonna invite us all over when Sir Topham Hat visits, right???

Knitterary said...

Adorable! You can feel her excitement in the Sir Tophat picture!

Nikki said...

Stupid rain! Still, it looks like she had a good time. Very cute.