Thursday, August 16, 2007

Why Thursdays Suck

Picture a Knitter waiting on a train platform. The hot muggy morning doesn't make for a pleasant start, but she does not let it bother her because she's knitting. She has escaped into that wonderful world of fiber.

Beads of sweat start to form on her brow, but it does not faze her. The needles and yarn move swiftly through her hands. She glances at her watch and takes note that the train is slightly off schedule.

A toot-toot of the express train and seconds later a gush of wind cools her off as the train speeds past through the station. A smile spreads across her face. The moment she opens her eyes she notices her yarn is pulling and tugging. Looking into the direction of the pulling she watches as her zip-lock bag slips over the edge of the platform and onto the rails.

It's all slow motion as she yells....Nooooooooo... and frantically tries to pull on the yarn. Another commuter informs her "You've got time." She answers back "To what..Jump down?" -clearly a five foot drop- the man exclaims "Oh no." I'm not worried about the yarn, there is a Addie Turbo needle in that bag!

~:: Project Update ::~

I got a lot of progress done on my Lorna's Lace toe-up socks. I started these last Thursday so I could work on an easy project during Stitches. They are super squishy and am falling deeply for far I think they are my favorite pair;)

The KAMS is near completion. I think I'll give it a good blocking this weekend and hopefully have something to show off on the model soon:) She's loving the project and constitly askes.."Is this mine mommy?" Oh, yeah baby it's yours;)


dreamsweaver said...

Oh no, a lost needle :(

Knitterary said...

Oh, no! My first thought was to take a magnet on a string to the train station and go "fishing" for the needle. But those tracks would interfere. Maybe kitchen tongs? How far is the drop? Kitchen tongs tied to broom handles? (Yes, I know that's a bit off the wall ... but it's an Addi!)

Angelika said...

Love your Lorna's Lace toe-up socks. I'm looking forward to see them done. I knit socks thru others!! ha ha
Is that color Tahoe?

Angelika on the Southern Oregon Coast