Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Upgrade in Spirts

Thanks for all your supportive comments. All my ranting and being a big baby carrying on is like therapy for me.

In light of my mood, I decided to take a different approach to the rest of my day. I was going to be thankful for all that I did have. Even if pulling on the most littlest positive thing.

The weather in Chicago is very uncomfortable right now. It's hot and not just hot but humid sticky hot. When the weather gets like this I just avoid it all together. I go from a/c house, to a/c bus, to a/c train, to a/c work and back again. I can pretty much avoid sticky and my heart goes out to all those who live without a/c.

On my way home last night, I hop on my train and make my way to the last car. I notice it's particularly full in the cars leading to my favorite spot. It then smacked me in the face when I entered. No a/c. It was a sauna. So, I sit down and ponder to myself. I can either stand in the a/c car (it's so packed there are no seats) or sit in the heat with room to spread out. I chose to sit in heat. It was only 45 minutes till I reached another a/c point...so no biggie. I was embracing the positive point that I could sit and knit. It was okay until I had to deal with State The Obvious Man. Everyone who entered the car commented about how bad it was...but this man decided to call his wife.

I truly can't believe anyone married this man. He was rude, selfish and super annoying. He started his conversation with: What are you doing? ...not the cute Hey, what are you up to kind of greeting, but an accusing tone as if she was up to no good kinda tone. He goes on to tell her to stop making her 7 course dinner...I just don't have the time...7 o'clock meeting...yes...oh, just hand me a hot pocket when I walk through the door.

Now why is that people on cell phone don't think that others can hear them or even worse stare at the knitter across the isle and think she's deaf and blind. I wonder.

He proceeded to go on and on about the billion degrees of heat he was having to endure. At this point I look up and give him the Spock eyebrow...which makes him look away and he quickly ends his conversation. I think I'm in the clear...no more talk about the heat. It only makes it worse you jackass. Not more then 5 minutes later he gets back on the phone with his blessed wife. He starts giving her instructions: Drop what your doing, go into the up stairs bedroom...are you there yet...just go...don't forget to leave the cat out of the room...just listen to me...now pull the step latter out from the closet...trust me...what?...yes...now open the attic and stick your head in.

What? This man was instructing his wife to stick her head in the attic just so she could fully understand how hot it was for him? What killed me most was his reaction to the fact that she wasn't going to do it. HaHaHa!! So...your not going try? oh, come on...don't you want to know?


I went home to my a/c house and kissed my husband several times. I'm very thankful for what I have.

~::Knitting News::~

I did my homework for Stitches and got gauge on the first try. Sorry for the lack of photos on this, but the batteries on the camera are charging. When I can I'll post the yarn and beads I've picked out for my class on Saturday.

I leave you with a very cool picture taken by a co-worker (shout out to LH)...just had to share your discovery.

Who knew that downtown Chicago had bats.

This little guy and his buddy were discovered in the tree just outside my building on Michigan Avenue.


Knitterary said...

Crap! Stitches homework! I forgot all about that. I don't even know where my instruction sheet it.

Glad you're feeling perkier.

Mrs. H said...

Awwww... I love bats! Too bad the little guy wasn't around when the cell phone dude was being a jerk to his wife. Bet he doesn't like bats.