Sunday, April 01, 2007

When It Rains...

It Pours.

Hubby, who has just been hired for a new job, received a contact from another opportunity. Now it’s a matter of weighting the pro’s verse the con’s.

I guess it’s good to have options.

One thing I love about knitting is that if you don’t like what you’ve done so far, you rip it out and create something new.

I’m super, head-over heels in love with this hoodie...and when I noticed that the cables where coming out very elongated. I decided to eliminate 2 rows from the pattern repeat. My gauge swatch was extended by two rows and I believe that this actually works out for a more tight looking cable. What do you think?

I’ve knitted one full skein and since I don’t own a swift to help me make more yarn cakes, I switched over to my socks that super rock!!

I’ve turned the heel and I can’t wait to get these on my feets;)

I figure to be done with these soon and I have to decided on my next small project...could it be more socks? OF COURSE!!! After the last yarn disaster, I’m going for some Trekking candy yummies.

Hoping to cast on ASAP!!! Because this week is going to fly by super quickly. Monday is Passover with friends and family. Tuesday is REPRESENT KNITTING with the Harlot in Oak Brook. Wednesday, Amy Singer will be signing her new book at Loopy Yarns in Chicago then I get to go hang with the SnB gals afterwards. Then before you know it, I jump on a plane and head to Tampa for a week of fun and sun. Gosh, I need it.

I have a teaser post for Tuesday...and please stay tuned for more Representing Coverage. Knit-On!

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Rebecca said...

Wow. You really are busy. :)

I have another contact on a j-o-b for him. It's part time though. My dad's client who owns the comic shop is looking for help.