Thursday, March 29, 2007

WARNING! Long Post...

I’m tired and I feel very talk/talk today...or is it more write-y/write-y...ah, you see how bad I am.

So, I’ll start with my reasons for lack of sleep. The Stitch ‘n Bitch gals really know how to get me going. Last night I brought my yarn samplings to the group and found an urge to cast-on for another pair of socks...I know, I know...the other pair are still not done. Hold on it gets better. To tell you the truth, I don’t know if I like this yarn at all...I’m on the verge of giving the yarn away, but in my haste...I think I’m just sleepy. I made my yarn cakes last night.

This was only one skein that I separated into two. I was pretty good at measuring. Make one cake, weigh, re-wind smaller cake, weigh, cut yarn, re-wind left over, weigh. I got it to 45g on one ball then 43g on the other...not bad. The journey to get this SHITTY difficult yarn to behave on the ball winder was soooo not worth my precious time. The yarn is TOFUtsies ...yes, it’s spelled that way....sigh. The fiber content is: 50% Superwash Wool, 25% Soysilk, 22.5% Cotton and 2.5% Chitin. I should have known. I wound the yarn a total of 6 times and every time...I get yarn vomit. The yarn is super thin, that I pulled out size 0 and casted on. My gauge is coming out to 10 stitches an inch...that’s 90 cast-on stitches. The yarn is splitty and it took me an hour just to knit a 2 inch gauge swatch. After some sleep I’ll try them on size 1 needles and see if that’s any better. The bity swatch isn’t half bad on texture and would make great summer socks, but the pain in the arse just to knit them is huge.

Okay..Moving On.

So, after having to DEAL with that yarn, I knew I had to cast-on for my Central Park Hoodie. Thanks to Knitterary for helping on the measurements and to give me a good push. I was a bit intimidated by the whole “New Project” and wanting and needing it to turn out JUST RIGHT. I’m going up in size and here is a photo of the cast on ribbing for the back panel. Oh Joy.

By this time at night, it’s roughly 1:30 am and I realize that I have a meeting with my son’s teacher in the morning. Bla....five hours of sleep...doesn’t make for a good Thursday.

Then on the way to work I was thinking...I don’t believe I’ve explained why I call my darling little girl “Stinky.” I mean, I love other bloggers who have pet names for their kids, like Thumber, Lemon, Miss Z and so forth...and if any of you reading this blog might think that she actually stinks, I would hate for you to think that. I know I’m rambling, so if your interested...I’m going to tell.

Most nicknames have a story and my little girl has a story worth telling. She is a very nonverbal kid and for a long time I was questioning whether she was on target for her age. You know, all the thoughts that go through a mothers mind. I was thinking, hearing loss? No she’s okay...speech problem? Nope, she just chooses to point and grunt...that is by 18 months, she would only say 5 words. Most children her age were speaking almost full sentences, and if not at least knew objects, colors and the ideal 20 – 30 word vocabulary.

If you have read back some time ago, I have this Weird thing about feet...mostly I love baby feet, and to be more specific I love my children’s feet. My son who is 11 has man feet and I wont go near them, but Miss Mac has the best baby toes that you could ever want;) Since she was little, changing routines where very informative. We would sing about tummys and belly buttons, cheeks and chins, arms and elbows. I’m a poet and I didn’t even know it. Anywoo, I would get to the socks and slip them off and smell her feet. Oh, the faces I would make. These Stink, Pee-eww I would say...and we would both laugh until tears would fall down our cheeks. Any opportunity for a stinky connection...and it became our little thing that we did and we would both laugh. She has a great laugh. So as time went on, she would start to mimic me, by waving of her hand near her nose, until one day she too replied “Dis-Stink”. It became her signature response to everything. “What’s dat ummy?” ...oh, that’s a car sweetie... “Dis-Stink” .... “What’s dat ummy?” ...oh, that’s your Daddy sweetie... “Dis-Stink” --it naturally just became her question of the world and her reaction to the world. She has moved on to other phases in her life, and more words – thank goodness, but she will always be My Stinky.


Rebecca said...


That is too cute.

Oh, and yeah -- veto the 90 stitch socks. I tried that and nearly lost my mind.

Knitterary said...

It's probably the soy making it slippery. You could do a lace sock, because then you could downsize your stitch count a little.

julie said...

My daughter and I play the stinky game, too! We used to call her McStinkyPants when she was a few months old.