Thursday, April 26, 2007

Jury Duty

In anticipation of my long day where I could possibly be FORBIDDEN to knit, I choose a project that didn't involve metal needles.

I brought my Cherry Tree Hill yarn (dusk colorway) and bamboo needles to the SnB group last night to be blessed by Knitters. Cast-on for a standard toe-up sock. Placed my project inside my knitting bag along with the Harlots Cast-Off book, pencils and sketch pad.

Arriving early, the security line was long but once the doors opened everything went fast. Walked up to the metal detectors, placed my bag on the conveyor belt and held my breath.

Why was I so nervous? It's not like I was planning on stabbing someone with my needles. Ha! For a gross look at needle stabbing: link. Back to reality: I watched the lady officer watch the bag go through the expression...still holding breath...she moves over to say something to other officer standing to her left...she's talking about me. I know it!!! She's going to pull my bag out and proclaim that I'm a crazy knitter for thinking I could bring such dangerous things into the court house.

Nothing...I exhale and still nothing.

Walk through metal detector and I'm in the clear. I was amazed! I can KNIT!! Hurray! I was so excited that when I went up the information booth to ask for directions from a very nice officer...

"Good morning, I've got jury duty and..."

"I'm sorry." he said with a smile.

I was totally going to burst out and yell "Oh, No...It's a good day! They let me in with my killer bamboo needles" ~instead I just smiled and kept my mouth shut...not going to press my luck.

This is what I got done during my jury sentence...

I didn't sketch, and kinda bummed that I didn't at least do a small one. It's just that it cuts into that damn knitting time.

Other knitting news: Central Park Hoodie is blocking tonight. The measurements seem a tad off, but I'm sure it will come out fine. All that's left is seaming the pieces, creating the button ban and knitting the hoodie. I think maybe another two weeks, but you never know. I could get the fire in my needles and be wearing it to my next meeting...yeah right;)

I just about cracked up when I saw how Mac helped in making dinner crescents. Can you tell which ones are hers?

And here is her scary face...I know, when in dought post pic of cute kids;)

CHECK THIS OUT: Lets Knit 2gether...check it out, pretty cool interview with the Harlot and other knitters who where in at the NY Represent Launch.


Emma said...

Congrats on getting the needles through! And on getting so much accomplished on the sock. It looks really pretty. I just love Cherry Tree Hill.

Robin said...

Mac is so cute, I love her curls. I doubt her crescents tasted any different than yours!! Congrats on getting the knitting through.

Mrs. H said...

You have just given me hope for that pain-in-the-bum jury thing I have to do next month. Please pray that my courthouse will be as good to me as yours was to you. :)

Mac is adorable! Love the curls and the sparkling eyes!

Mind if I put a link to you on my blog?

Kris said...

Yeah, Mac knows she's cute...and she works it quite well;)

Mrs H, I don't mind at away!

Riggwelter said...

Oh how wonderful you got your needles in!!