Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Knitters In Chicago Rock the Borders

Oh, Stephanie...I must apologize for I was star-struck and most likely looked like a crazy knitter but some how I feel you understand. I truly hope you enjoyed Chicago, even if the sirens woke you from a much needed nap.

I don’t know how you do it...I would be a wreck. The crowd had started gathering at five (from what I heard) and we (meaning me and Knitterary) made it in time to claim a piece of carpet up front with just enough time before the 7:30 launch. We all laughed, cried and we seriously freaked out the muggles.

When we first got there, we made our way through the crowd and everyone around us was taking turns showing off the knitting, big crowd, lots of socks. Oy, worries...did I remember to bring the camera? Check. You want pictures...sure:

There...you look good, sweater showing off - great shot...and the hair looks tame.

Now, it's time for the blurry side of things. I don't think your the only one effected by the blurry-issues;)

I hope you like the Knit-On T-shirt...I loved designing it. I did have a whole little speech prepared just so I wouldn’t look and feel like a complete arse. But alas when I stood up to the table, it all went out the window. Thank you for being patient and providing us with humorous knitting material. My checks hurt and it felt good;)


Mary Bridget said...

Oh, congratulations Kris on your snap with the Harlot.

Rebecca said...

Oh so jealous!

Knitterary said...

What a great picture of you and Stephanie. An artfully arranged clapotis is a good thing. :)

I had a great time last night!

knit chick said...

I was there that night, too (you can see part of my head in the crowd picture). I had a great time listening to her and meeting her!