Monday, April 16, 2007

Look Ma, No Hands!

WHY HAD I NOT GOTTEN THIS SOONER!!!!! Holy-Cow, I'm tempted to go into my stash and pull every skein out and swift it up;)

More knitting news...I've got jury duty next week...and I'm kinda gleeful. I see the potential for more knitting time. hehehehe;) Anyone else had needle issues with court? I would hate. hate. HATE. to have to be there for 7 hours and NOT get to knit.


Riggwelter said...

I dream of owning a swift, a superb invention.

Not sure about the needles in court thing but I doubt they would be allowed :(

Good luck with it though.

Victoria said...

You are in luck!

Jurors are the only people permitted in the courts with knitting and crocheting supplies!

Everyone else must surrender them. Just make sure they aren't the HUGE metallic kinds, they are a LOT nicer if you bring the smaller kind... like circulars.

Found this out during MY jury summons about a year ago....

Knitterary said...

Actually, it depends on the court. Federal and municipal courts have different rules. Call the court and ask before you go.