Monday, April 30, 2007

Just Lazy?

I'm not sure if I've ever really posted pet-peeves on this blog...I may have ran a rant now and again, but I just feel like letting a little something out.

It is always inevitable that on the commute train ride home I run into a situation when coming off the platform. Most commuters stand and wait to exit the train before said stop. I know I do it...I stand along with everyone else while the train is pulling into the station. Everyone exits in an orderly fashion, most commuters stand early to be the first ones off. issue there, I do that on occasion as well. What really pulls my chain is when your exiting the platform, you come to two double doors. Since spring is here, usually one door is held open. Why is it that every single person wants to go through the open door? The other door isn't's not stuck, nor heavy. These people are just lazy!!! They would rather be in line to go through an already open door, then to use there hands and open the other? This issue causes a line of sluggish people waiting to go home. Almost everyday, I take a risk of walking beyond the Safe Yellow Line to walk around this mess, to open the free door that no one seems to see is there.

---sigh. I feel better now.

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Nia Skywalk said...

Heh, experienced this just this morning...

Let me set this up. At the entrance to where I work (Fisk Building), there is 5 or 6 doors that are never locked during the day. They are typical lobby doors, metal and glass and you can see through them. Usually I don't care which one everyone is using and just pick one, but this time the most convenient was the one everyone had open. I hate human masses, so this means it was swift moving and accessible (and yes, perhaps a bit lazy), and there on the other side of the door waiting a little to the side... right next to another door was this woman waiting for everyone to go through the one we were entering!

I don't know what to call that... "Here's your sign..." ?