Monday, April 16, 2007

Class Schedule is Golden

I just got confirmation of my class schedule for Stitches Midwest 2007. I'm soooooo totally geeked out right now. My Saturday class is with Susanne Hansson on Off the Cuff and Sunday is with Nancy Bush on Overcoming Fear of Cutting.

Both of these ladies have so much knowledge, I just hope a little can seep into my big head;) Now, I just need to get my schedule together with my SnB gal and hotel reservations...and...and it's still how many months away till August? Oh Bother! I certainly don't want to rush the year along, but tang!

On the knitting news...trekking candies have been photo to show tears shedding on yarn. It's just not pretty.

Hoodie on the other hand is soaring away to the point where I knitted to far and had to rip back about an inch. I swear it was 7 1/2 inches one second then the next it was 9 1/ least I can decrease for the shoulders and get this puppy off and start on the fronts? or sleeves? hummmmmm...

Knit-On folks;)

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