Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Just Don't

What kind of answer is that?

I call up the Markham Courthouse (general number) and get a busy tone? hummmm. I figure they keep shorten hours, should I expect them to be gone at 4pm on a weekday? is this normal? Pass it off for a typical Monday attitude. Call this afternoon and the phone just rings and rings...I stay on for a complete 30 seconds. hummmm. It's only 11:15 am. So, I go online and look up the number, perhaps I'm wrong. I see a few other numbers listed and one is for Jury Room. Who better to answer my question then the actual place I'll be sitting for hours and hours.

Ring. Ring.


--odd, not a standard greeting? I would have expected something like, "You've reached the Jury Room. How may I help you?

me: Good afternoon, I will be attending jury duty next week and I have a question about bringing knitting along with me to pass the time.

her: Just don't.


me: Are you saying that it's just not allowed?

her: Don't bother, bring something else.

me: Are you saying that knitting in the courthouse is not allowed?

her: I just wouldn't.

me: Just wouldn't bring the knitting because?....

her: sigh...I've seen some people knit.

me: Soooo, your saying you can't tell me because security decides who can bring what?

her: yes.

Does it always have to be like pulling teeth? Was that so hard? My goodness, my visual image of this woman is some lazy, nail filing, take long lunches, leaves for home early, chats to much, gum chewing slob.

I'm bringing my knitting and if they don't like it then I'll have a back up book or something.

KNITTING NEWS: finished the back of the hoodie and casted-on for the two fronts. I'm knitting them at the same time, so they'll be perfect;)


Mrs. H said...


I reported for jury duty here yesterday and they took my needles and told me I could have them back when I left. Then I got to the jury room to find out it had been postponed until next month.

Kris said...

Thanks for de-lurking! What a bummer that you couldn't bring the knitting.

NiaSkywalk said...

Now that just sucks, cuz Markham is where I found out about the knitting!

It is that very courthouse that allowed only jurors to bring knitting. Very annoying if they have changed the policy! ::fumes::

Jan said...

Kris, I'd go early enough that if they want to take your needles, you can take them back to the car. I wouldn't want to leave my needles with the people at our courthouse -- I don't think I'd ever get them back!

Good luck!

Knitterary said...

That might have been a juror who answered the phone. They do have phones in jury rooms for juror convenience.

Are they metal needles? That might make a difference. You're safer with plastic or wood. Someday I'll tell you a few hair-raising stories about security and courtrooms....