Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Chicago Represent

We’re off the see the Harlot, the wonderful knitter of ...Oz?

What a Monday I had...I think I’m still drunk people. My head is swimming, my throat is dry, my tummy wants more prime rib...oh, was that delicious. Me and my family were graciously invited to Seder with Becca and Aleta’s clan, which they are a hoot. MB and Knitterary were there too...we really should have broke out the knitting needles, but I was 4 glasses into the wine and feeling fine;) There would be no way that the stitches would come out looking anything decent. Had a blast ladies, you really know how to do it up!

As far as the Harlot...I’m super-de-dooper-star-struck to meet her again. I’ve come up with a plan and it involves this:

The idea had first been created from Guido’s slogan request back when they where planning the big NY Launch for the Today Show. This design was good, but it had bigger plans then TV. The request was a challenge to my design skills and really got me thinking about “what stands for knitting” I looked down and saw Stephanie’s book Yarn Harlot: The Secret Life of a Knitter and on the inside she signed it with the tag: Knit-On. That really hit the nail on the head and all I need was a little something more to bind it with others who feel this way. Our lives are so tangled together with fiber...we sleep dreaming about fiber, we meet others and talk about fiber, we blog about fiber and any spare moment we’re involved with fiber. It’s not just a hobby...It’s a lifestyle. I worked some magic and got Tee-Shirts made up.

What do you think? Will she dig it??

I'm a little disappointed in the Tee-shirt company...the image is suppose to much larger and doesn't make much of a statement as I had planned. You can't even read the small print on the back ground that states YARN, LOVE, PEACE, KNIT...I bet if there was a knitter working for the tee-shirt company, it would have been done right.


Rebecca said...

I want one!

How much?

Mary Bridget said...

I love that t-shirt. You should sell them.

lizzard said...

Kris, I loooove it! And shame on the dullards in charge of screening your shirt, who apparently didn't understand the importance of ALL the elements of your design... Ah well, it's STILL gorgeous!