Monday, December 18, 2006

A Season of Giving, normally around this time of year I'm going psycho...and it's really not that far off. But I do feel better because I got this out today:

Which I'm positive that will be there before the weekend and also contains lovely knitted items. Hopefully there fully enjoyed. I'm also getting these out in the mail very soon...they would have been in the system by now, but the hole-in-the-wall post office I go to is (get this) no cash, no stamps only open from 10-12:45 and then 2:30-4:30. Hey, it's so much better then going down to Clark and waiting in line for half the day. Today is expected to be the busiest day for postal employee's...god bless them.

This Wednesday is our SnB gift exchange...and I'm so excited. I had a lovely time picking out the gift and can't wait for everyone to play along with the Left & Right Yarn Inspired pass around. At the end of the story what ever gift is in your lap you get...I keep having this reoccuring dream where everyone ends up with there own gift..haha. I certainly am not a writer and I hope the ladies will forgive a dork like me...but here is a taste of The Knitting Tale:

"Mrs. Wright sat down one night, to knit for Mr. Wright all thru the night." --you do see how Left and Right fit into this crazy pass around game.

Here is another thing I did this weekend - oh yes cookies. I have none left to take pictures of, so you know they must have be good.

--and I can't forget...about my Knitters Review Gift Exchange Buddy...Chelsey if your reading this, I'm almost done putting your package together - what fun it is gifting for a fellow knitter. I want to post pictures, but that would ruin the surprise.

I was also very touched by Stephanie's call to all knitters to step up and show there support that I'm also supporting the Doctors Without Borders by donating some of the money I would normal buy as gifts for family members. The Harlot touched me and I felt giving to those who truely need it is what the season is all about. It might not be much, but I agree that knitters will rule the world one day.

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