Friday, November 10, 2006

One November Day...

So, there I am at 11:30 last night determined to finish felting the strap to my gorgeous bag. Here is the shot of my peach sink -gotta love the '70s- with felting in progress.

And here is the strap once I was done...only 35 min later. The bag was super easy, just throw in Mr. Washie (as the Harlot would say) but this strap was all I had left of the green Cascade 220 and my gosh, I wasn't about to ruin the thing. So, I took my time felting this sucker.

With the strap complete...I present my gorgeous Entrlac Inspired Felted Bag...

This is how I look with the bag on my hip...not bad, considering this took 15 takes to get a good angle and not show off how huge my thighs are:)

Here is what is in my bag currently...knitting of course!

These are the contents outside of the fits everything I need for a bare bones project. Would have liked to have more room for a mag or book, but I don't think that it could hold the weight. I guess I'll just have to make another one:)

I should break this post up into sections, but hell, I'm on a roll and I'm sorry for all the pictures, but hell I've never been much of a writer...designer yes.

So, while felting is drying last night...I go searching thru the stash to locate any cotton I might have left over for my gifts...and I discover this:

I got this cotton yarn about a year ago at Knit n Knibble while visiting family in Florida. The pattern was this petal leafy design and for some odd reason I couldn't make the pattern out right..hell I frogged this sucker 4x and then threw it in the stash bin. I'll most likely go back to the pattern and figure it out, but this cotton will become something else in the mean time.

This is the spot where I messed up at...why would they tell you to connect those together to then have this bubble thing happen...oy.

And guess what I found while looking for cotton....

Oh Boy!! I was so ready to put this stuff on needles...but alas I said holiday gifts first. I'm thinking these will turn into xmas socks for hubby. He's always commenting that I haven't' knitted him anything. I guess it's time to shut him up!

Till next time...keep knitting:)

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Theresa said...

I'm so impressed with that bag! You're going to have to give me some felting tips. I'm thinking of making a felted hat with my leftover Lady E yarn. (Now who's enabling whom? hehehehehehe)