Wednesday, December 20, 2006

SNB Holiday Gift Exchange

Oh, what fun was had by all...a story was told, goodies where eaten, a lot of laughs from all around - we even had an new member join in on the fun.

First off...Here is a pictures of the gift I put together for tonights exchange. See what's dangling from the handle??? Yep, handmade stitch markers...very easy to make too, I'll see if I can locate the online instructions.

Aleta is the lucky winner in the Holiday Exchange...which included a skein of yarn that is a 50% wool and 50% alpaca blend in a slate gray. The other item is the 2007 knitting calendar - a pattern for each day of the year!!

Once the Knitting story was complete, this is what was in my lap. Thank you Jen...this is truely awesome. Love, Love, Love the blue Cascade wool. I'm sure I'll want to make these felted slippers for every member of my family.

Just look at these lovely ladies...I had a blast, thank you all - Happy Holidays.

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