Monday, December 04, 2006

Crazy December Days

December has come in like a lion – hopefully leaving like a lamb. See my babies first "rememberable" snow day. As the snow flakes fell, she carried her blanket scratch that. She dragged her just washed blanket through icky slush while daddy shoveled the walk. Her expression is that of one getting cold snow flakes on your all know that feeling right...well, she loves it so much, that she screams bloody murder when having to be dragged back in the house after falling in a icy puddle.

So...did I hear someone ask? Any knitting done? ...oh, well, no. I got sucked into the knitting vortex of doom this weekend and look what else we got into. We celebrated lovely Godmamma Karen's Bday this weekend...she's hit the Big 3-0, but were not counting anymore, right love;)

And here is me and hubby...gosh he looks drunk. Although, I'm sure he wishes he was. Can't blame the guy for being sluggish that night. Waking at 6am and then driving all over Illinois will bring anyone to a stumper.

Here is what the knitting vortex does to you. You knit and knit for hours on end enjoying it all the way...and then you pull out your tape measure and notice you haven't moved...How is this possible?

By some mystic grace, I've completed the first sock for my hubbies xmas gift and have cast on for the second. I love working with Lorna's Lace...the color depth is awesome and love the soft feel of the superwash wool. Good thing too, cuz I know he'll never remember to hand wash.

Did I just hear "Where's the hat?" ...Hat you say? ummmm, let me recall. Noticed a "prancing pony" mistake about half way down down the rib and ripped back. Next, I dropped a stitch and had to rip back again and now it sits in the time-out-bin. I should have been done with it by now. It would have helped so much in keeping my Big Fat Head warm when it's -20 outside! I will most likely finish it in time to not need it anymore...another case of the knitting vortex.

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