Thursday, December 14, 2006

I'm Addicted...

way can't I just stay on task?? my mind is wondering, knitting is being done. Not as much as I had wanted, but alas we can't have it all. Thoughts of loved ones opening wool presents and being warmed by knitting wonders is just not going to happen. Where did I go wrong?? It's these damn Blogs I tell you!!! Blog after endless Blog....let me enable you for just a sec...on the left hand column, you'll see a Knitters Review Webring (click on the 'NEXT' link and you'll be whisked away into fiber wonder). I joined thinking "What Fun!" and now I just click away and get lost in page after page of fiber ideas, patterns and much to my dislike a time warp. I have to stay off the computer at least until I get all my shopping done (1) and gosh forget even thinking about clicking away during work. Keeping my job is very high on the list (2) thing you know I'll have to join a support group (3).

So, I have no pictures for you...I know, sad isn't it. Well, maybe something old will do:

This was my first experience with Lorna's Lace....oh yeah baby! These lovely socks went to Mom for Mothers Day.

And here is a hat and bootie set I made while preg with my daughter Mackenzie...they would get put on, but she would wiggle and kick until they fell off.

And this is another piece I made for this picture she's just over a month old and she had already outgrown the papoose.

Holiday gift exchange is next Wednesday for the Tinley Park Stitch n Bitch...I'm hoping to get to the LYS sometime soon, not like I need another excuse to go, right? Take care and Happy Knitting!


Shoshana said...

These are really beautiful!

I wish I could knit as nice a pattern as this one...but it requires patience and time I don't have yet.

I think I'll book marked your blog for neat knitting stuff. :)

Kim in Oregon said...

Hi...came to visit your blog via Alyssa's blog. Beautiful work...I must say I haven't felt the Lorna's Laces love but I think I worked the only pair of socks I've done with LL on #2s that I think were too big.

Kris said...

I'm glad you stopped by for a visit!