Monday, November 13, 2006

My Nana Crochets...

But this weekend I visited another Nana....Nana's Knitting Shop

Went in for just some wool soap and a quick browse around and fell in goodness the selection. Tons to look at and touch. Saw a great shrug done in thick ribbed Noro...very nice:) Then the green Debbie Bliss caught my eye...I've been looking for that certain yummy glove yarn. Plus, I checked it against my pumpkin clapotis so it doesn't clash. I'm not to afraid of color...hell, put red bandanna around my thigh and call me Punky Brewster. I've got Punky Power! oh boy...what a flash back. know I couldn't just leave that Lorna's Lace sitting there, right?

I couldn't help my self...I'm a sucker for socks:) Hey, in my defense...these are a gift for hubby. Good thing I have till Xmas to complete these bad boys...done on size 0 ...yes, you read that right, size Zero. Plus, when I get to the rib around the ankle, I have size 00 eyes are sore after working these toothpick needles. Yet the sock is coming out so great, yarn is super soft and I even forgot that they are a superwash, so no need to hand wash these either.

Was planning on showing some progress on my face clothes, but if certain people are reading this it would ruin the surprise. Take my word, I've got several done and hopefully I'll be able to finish all that I want in time. No pressure of course;)

Happy Knitting!

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