Thursday, October 18, 2007

Half Blood Prince

I really got the urge to cast-on for a pair of socks...and now I remember why I hadn't knit socks in a while. My needles need replacing. I was hoping to order some Knit Picks circ's soon, but until then I'll just manage with what I got.

The new socks are Mackentosh Yarns and was a great find at The Fold booth during Stitches. Kinda feels just right with Halloween around the corner.

Half Blood Prince is the color way...gotta love that. I love knitting my socks toe-up on two circ's...and as of Monday, this was how far I got. happens and no blogging was the after effect. Since then I've gotten this far..

And why would I be working on socks, since I have a huge FULMAR sweater in my life? What happened was after reworking the increase row and starting the main body..I was short stitches. Two to be exact. After tinking back and reading my stitches, I produced an increase correctly, but some how it didn't work. In the end I just fudged it. The cables don't naturally line up and this makes for a perfect reason to fudge. While figuring out my dilemma on the train this morning I was using my cable needle to tink back some stitches. Train pulls into station and I stuff my things back into the mother of all knitting satchels. However, when lunch came around I pulled out my project to discover my cable needle missing.

I then dumb everything out of the bag, check pockets...literally searched every nook. I then remembered my hoodie was on my lap during the trip. I pull out my sweater and looky what I found.

I seriously can't believe I didn't lose the damn thing. sigh. I'm a bad knitter for puncturing my knitwear?

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