Thursday, October 11, 2007

Making a Change

Over the past couple of weeks I've been thinking long and hard about my weight. Last year I joined Weight Watchers and over a 10 month period I had lost 30+ pounds. I was feeling so good that I quite going to the meetings. This isn't that hard, I can do this on my own kinda quite. Well, it's been several months and I've gain some back...not all, but enough that the new cloths that I purchased are no longer comfortable to wear. OUCH! talk about a wake up call.

I'm not planning on joining Weight Watchers again...and not because I don't need support but motivation. It's cost of the meetings that really bits...were talking 40-45 bucks a month. My budget just can't handle that extra expense, plus think of all the yarn you could buy?! I know sounds kinda crazy...swapping my health for some fiber. The thing is I can totally do this on my own. I fell off the wagon...didn't care about my sugar intake and portion control or even how much water I should be having.

So, I then started thinking about motivation. What could I do to motivate my self into losing weight and tie it in with fiber.


I tried a whole bunch of other names...


Hey, if you can think of something better please speak up. I'm totally not a creative writer.

So the idea is that for every pound I lose I will put the same amount of cash into my stash fund and because I'm all about a goal...I totally want some Jitterbug sock yarn. It runs about $20 for a skein. On average I can lose a pound or two a it will be slow, but worth it.

I haven't officially started yet, but I'm hoping to weigh in on Sunday night and start my Fat-4-Stash goal. There really aren't any rules associated with this idea...if I happen to gain half a pound, I'm not going to take 50 cents out the stash jar. Each Sunday I'll weigh in to calculate the loss for stash cash.

During this Fat-4-Stash period, I'm also restricting any yarn purchases. With tons of babies on the way, Halloween, Thanksgiving and the evil money sponge Christmas... don't really have the the funds to buy more yarn. Don't take this as I'm not interested in a yarn crawl or even the occasional needful purchase (like more skeins of Silver Creek merino for my Fulmar ~ because I'm an idiot and didn't buy enough) anywooo... I've already got a sketch for a button if anyone is interested in joining me..pretty simple, set a goal and go for it.

At this point anything is better then the weight I'm at.


heather t said...

I need to do something too, and yarn-as-reward is a pretty good motivator. I need to think about the yarn I want to have as a goal, because the everyday stuff (for me) such as Sugar & Cream, Paton's Classic Merino, even Noro Kureyon, I will just buy as I feel like it. (I know my limits, ha.) So it needs to be something really special. Are we setting a time period?

A :-) said...

I'm not afraid to say I'm motivated by moola. Remind me to tell you sometime about my "Cigarette Money." ;-) I'm all about the positive - SkinnyCashStash or Weight4Wool ?

KathyR said...

Great motivating idea! I haven't quite got to that place yet, unfortunately. I'm not sure what will motivate me to get off my seat and get moving.

Barbara said...

Calories for Cash? One could also drop cash in after exercise, or after a day of drinking good amounts of water. Hmm, many of the same words are shared e.g, points, fiber, Tee hee. I like this idea; I'm in the same boat here. Good thinking!

amlahe616 said...

Im in. I need something to motivate me and what better than yarn

Knitterary said...

Great idea! You know I'm in. Thinking about my personal rules -- you know we could use peertrainer, too. It's free.