Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Hallow's Eve Sock Update

I'm knitting away at Fulmar and I look over at my yarn cake that is no more...hum, I've come to the end of a ball...hurray! First skein...promise I'll post pictures soon. This milestone left me with having to make another cake...which has happened, but in the mean time I grabbed my socks and started some rib..

Couple more rows and this is finished...I've got extra and Miss Mac needs a matching pair;)

I was happy today to get out for a few minutes and capture this shot. It always surprises me how bright and powerful the sun can be during fall. I'm practically blind in these conditions.

~:: a little rant ::~

The other day I was waiting for my train on the platform like usual. When I notice a friendly familiar commuter, and we greet each other. All the niceties are exchanged...you know...how are you...the weather is getting colder...you know, chit-chat. We actually have more in common then riding the train at the same time. We both have boys in 6th grade and they are friends. Not the best of friends, but friendly as 12 year-old boys can be.

If it was any old joe asking about my family I would say, Oh, yeah...their great. But, when he asked about Eric and how he was doing, I was honest and said that we've been having some issues with homework and such.

He dives in and starts to share his woes about having spent hours on math homework with his son last night. And I can't believe what they're expecting out of these kids. I contribute and tell him about Eric's struggle with reading and writing. Folks, I got a blank stare. I tried to back it up with how he's had these issues for awhile and it's a daily struggle...Still the stare, then a slight "oh" escapes his lips.

This is not the only time I've gotten this reaction. Why? Why is having issues with reading and writing is worse then math? Why is it okay to suck at math, but not the English language? It's like your a complete idiot if you have trouble spelling, but figuring out the greatest common factor is hard, so it's okay...besides everyone sucks at math, right?

Don't get me wrong...math can get hard and I don't know how good I'll be in the homework department come High School. But hell...I just don't understand the unsympathetic attitude towards our struggle.


dreamsweaver said...

It's very simple sweety. There kid sucks at English too. They just won't admit it.

Knitterary said...

It's not about you. It's about the other person. I'm sorry, I know she's your friend and all, but that was a spectacularly asshatted thing to say.

Your son is a fine young man, and you're a good mother. Never doubt that!

Nat Red Knits said...

I personaly believe that if they would get back to the basics and teach them how sound the words out instead of memorize, they would not be having trouble with the reading and writing.

It is not you or your child, it is the lack of "teaching" that goes on in the schools.

And the person on the platform, I agree, their kid probably sucks at it too.