Monday, October 08, 2007

I Goofed

You know, math used to the one thing that I could do. Yeah, not so much anymore. I managed to put enough cast-on stitches on and stay in line for the 10 stitch repeat...not just one extra repeat, nooooooo....but TWO FREAKIN REPEATS!!!! That's twenty extra stitches. My brain just happened to skip over numbers. So when it was time to add my increases and start my main body charts...I was off. WAY FREAKIN OFF. I figured it was late and no need to stress my self over figures. A good nights sleep does nothing for the math.



It's a do over people. It was only 14 hours out of my life. Good thing it's only knitting.

Happy Monday Knitsters

1 comment:

Knitterary said...

...slides a stiff drink next to your elbow...

...then backs away verrrrrry sloooooowly...