Thursday, October 25, 2007

Thursday is a Good Day

As of 11:30 this afternoon I have finished my week of Hell. It really was longer then a week...seeing it started last Wednesday. My week of Hell involves a financial paper that gets produced I guess I'm lucky to be only stricken with The Week From Hell every three months. This week from Hell has gotten better...I've gotten so good at it that I don't work the weekends, but work and lunch are still at war. Hopefully I'll get even better, so that I can have random potty breaks;)...I can only dream of the day.

Since I was released from my cage, I went for a walk in the park. Don't you just love it when the tips of the trees turn colors first?

Knitted a couple of stitches on the she is among the leafs.

The Fulmar is coming along great. Yeah, it's slow, but do you expect from 236 stitches on size US 2's? Oh, almost forgot I even had this picture on my camera...a progress shot of my Half Blood Prince socks.

Sorry it's blurry...but early morning shots and Thomas the train don't ever come out;)


Knitterary said...

I finally have some time to read blogs. Wow, what a week you had while I was off fighting other battles! The new babies are adorable. Long life to both of them, and do we get to call you granny now? LOL!

Mrs. H (aka The Outlaw Jenny Purls) said...

Love the socks. :)