Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Just a Little Scary

As of 10:15 this evening my step-daughter Alexis just got rushed into surgery. Two little babies are about to enter this crazy world and they've got quite a battle ahead of them.

She is only 28 weeks along and the doctor gave her steroids to strengthen the little lungs. I don't know much more then that. Please keep her and these precious little lives in your thoughts.

~ UPDATE AS OF 11:30 pm ~

Mom and babies are out of surgery and doing well. Baby Boy cried right away and Baby Girl needed some help. Both weight in around 2 lbs and are on oxygen. Doctor seems to think things are looking good as can be for now. Boy, this sure did happen super the new parents are in a rush to name the little peanuts.

~ UPDATE as of 9:30 am Next Day ~

Talked with Alexis this morning and she's doing great...well, as great as any young mom can be after delivering two little babies at 7 months. The Boy is breathing on his own at 2 lbs 2 oz and the Girl is on a breathing monitor at 2 lbs 3 oz. Mommy will be leaving the hospital just in time for her baby shower on Saturday. The little ones will remain most likely until the new year. The one thing that Alexis says she wishes she could do is hold them. I told her to get her ass out of bed and head straight to the might not be able to pick them up, but you can certainly touch them!

I'm hoping to figure out a time when I can get over to the hospital to is on HIGH right now, so getting away is difficult. I'll post more when I can. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. I didn't think I would want to be a grandma... or even a step-grandma... but I think I'm okay with it. I came into work today and announced to everyone I was a grandma...they looked at me kinda funny;)


Bethany said...

OMG! I just saw you, and in a blink, look how life spins on a dime! Keep us posted!

Rebecca said...

Oh goodness! I'm glad to hear it worked out okay. Wow, that was superfast!

Love and prayers to all of you.

Congrats step-grandma. ;)


If you folks need anything, we are only a phone call away.

heather t said...

Holy cats! How's your heart?

I'm glad things are going well so far. Please keep us updated.

eca said...

you are in my thoughts. i wish your family the best of luck.

A :-) said...

Holy Smokes - I'm keeping everyone in my thoughts and prayers.

Nancy said...

Wow, that WAS fast. Hope everyone continues on the upslope. Happy babies, step-grandma!

twingle said...

My twins, who are now 13, and 5'8" were also born at 26 weeks. One was 2lb 4 and the other was 21b 7. They are both on grade level and other than one having some muscle tone/handwriting problems are pretty much normal

I wish you and your family the best. Have faith that things will work out.

KathyR said...

Congratulations on becoming a step-grandma! Coming in late here, but I'm glad to hear they are both doing so well. Good thoughts and prayers for their continued improvement and growth.