Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Pumpkin Season

So it's about that time of year...and with my October month filling up quickly we decided to hit the pumpkin patch. I was over on Ravelry forms and the Corn Maze topics where drawing me in. Did a quick search and lone behold Monee, Illinois has a patch. cool...well more like HOT DAMN!! What have Chicagoans done to deserve 90 degree temps in Freakin' October!!!

Even with the freak of nature temperatures, we headed to Butterprint Farm's where they have tons of cool stuff...only wish it was 10 degrees cooler to really enjoy it.

When you get there, they have an admissions fee, but it pays for the hayride out to and from the patch, petting zoo, corn maze, the nature museums and other historical stuff.

Took the hayride out to the patch...now this is no Charlie Brown patch at all...were talkin' acres of patches.

Mac found her perfect pumpkin...

After hauling our finds back on the hayride and loading up the car, we went back to check out the rest the interesting stuff there...Big E was really excited about this one...

There was tons more to discover and worth the ride out to get flavored honey sticks...yummmm! Just a quick note if you go...bring garden gloves, as the pumpkins are fresh from the patch.

Knitting Update:

Well, I've done it again and I'm at a point where I just want to bang my head on the table. First major cable row on my Do-Over and I didn't even do it right.

What your suppose to see is a little 4 stitch cable...yeah...just kinda skipped that part.

So...I could just keep knitting or tink back three rows. I just don't know how I feel about it...one voice is telling me, oh keep going...what's one set of cables not done...then another is saying...you know it's going to bug you.

It's only knitting...there are no rules...I'm moving on.

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