Sunday, October 07, 2007

Tasty Yarns at Loopy

Friday night I decided my week totally sucked the big I adventured out to Loopy Yarns to take part in the Fall Yarn Tasting.

The place fills up quickly and getting there early is definitely key. If you think you'll be just in time, bring a chair with you. This picture didn't come out to good, but you can see that the place is narrow and seating can be limited.

With my little plate of cheese, crackers and wine I sat down to look over the menu for the evening.

I couldn't stay but for an hour, but the next Tasting will be marked on my calendar as a must do. Being there for a short time only allowed me to sample four yarns, but each is lovely in it's own way.

I did get a chance to finish the ribbing for Fulmar and started the main charts, but for some reason I'm off on my count. Back to the drawing board.

I would just like to give a quick shout out to my husband. After months of the lost camera cable...I'm now able to blog on the weekends. sweet! thanks hub for finding the cable in the same spot I've been looking over for EVER!

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