Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Just Had Too!!

As I was starting my next purl sided row...I thought Hey, If I Can Fix It...Then Why Not Now?

When I came to the section of uncabled stitches, I would undo the ladders to expose the third row of active "suppose" to be cabled row. Then switch the order, thus producing the cable. Re-knit the ladders an voila...

Cabled row is fixed...and then after spending 3 hours undoing and redoing...this is what happened:

Yep fellow Knitsters, I twisted the cable the wrong way. sigh. I swear I can't win with this thing. My Fulmar is just going to have to be special. Yeah, the incompetent, stubborn, doesn't know right from left and obviously HOLD TO THE FRONT verse HOLD TO THE BACK kind of special.

And actually in the larger scheme of things, it wont be noticeable.

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