Wednesday, October 03, 2007

The Big Girl Bed

Do you think she likes it?

Yeah, she really likes it. Now the bedtime routines can involve snuggling between squishy blankies and long stories of princesses and unicorns. Ignore the old stained's poo insight.

Guess what the best part is about her having her own bed? Of course, I get mine back!

Knitting is still happening. Secrete gifts are on there finishing stages. Just in time phew. Fulmar is my love as of yet...Stitch 'n Bitch is tonight, so I'll be working on the Sahara...simple stockinette. Or I think I'll cast on for a pair of socks...hummmmm, the possibilities!


Rebecca said...

nah, she isn't happy at all.

I swear that grin is about to break her face! :D

Alice said...

I LOVE that bed! We just got a "big girl" bed for our daughter (she'll be 3 in December) and the mattress is supposed to arrive today!

I hope she'll be as happy as your little girl is!