Monday, July 16, 2007

Random Monday Thoughts

First off, if you've signed up for Ravelry and you're curious about your status point in line. Check it out. Jess and Casey have come up with a really cool Antsy check list. I've got 767 people in front of me and 10,478 people behind me. Super cool!


The Mystery Stole 3 is coming along great...I'm switching more to the Love side then the Hate side. sigh.


Last night my husband just casually mentions...that since things are working out with him working nights, that he's been having thoughts of another baby.

WHAT!!!! Hold the phone. Picture me during dinner. I-Stop-Chewing-In-Mid-Chew. Turn to Eddie and say huh? I'm blown away. Since having Miss Mac, I have gone through the whole thought process of: "What about another?". I keep pushing those thoughts out of my head. I kept telling my self: Your happy with two. I could seriously have 3 more, but the money situation isn't a pleasant thought. I know, I know...I hear you all shouting at me...if you want more have more. It's not that easy folks.

What kills me the most, is he just says this random idea out loud with no possible idea that it will effect me in anyway. Since last night I've thought about nothing else. How could he do this to me...urg!

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Rebecca said...

lol. you poor thing.