Tuesday, July 24, 2007

15 Days

Until Stitches Midwest...I'm super-dee-duper excited. Even the cost of a 85 dollar tow to remove the families Ford Escort from the 294 Expressway wont dampen my mood. I have plenty of yarn at home. Plenty of projects to keep me busy for months. sigh.

Moving on to happy things. How about a heal?

Yep...like I said, still knitting and reading. Hey, give me a break. I know most ...well probably all of the SnB gals have finished the book and are busting at the seams to discuss HP7...please bare with me. I'm on Chaper 14.

1 comment:

allie said...

I love the colors. You're doing 2 at once and reading HP7?!?!!? Very impressive.