Monday, July 09, 2007

Dim Sum

Gosh...getting back into the swing of things is difficult. Especially when the little one plays with the alarm clock. Woke up thinking I was late and not until 5 minutes into frantic rush did I realize I was actually early;)

I just wanted to quickly share with you some pictures from the Sunday Mom & Son trip to Chinatown. Temperatures hitting 95 with heat index of 105...but air conditioned trains and L, plus yummy Dim Sum leads to a perfect afternoon.

Highly recommend the Three Happiness Chinese Restaurant for the dim sum. Grab you a fresh fruit smoothie right from any of the local vendors and wonder around looking in all the import stores.

What was super cool is getting to knit on my socks while on the trains. I'm already creating a short row heel and wondering if I can do a reverse Jaywalker pattern for the cuff. Thanks Knitterary for putting that bug in my ear;)

1 comment:

Knitterary said...

Heh. This time you did it to yourself!

I suspect you could follow the pattern as-is without reversing it and end up with the same basic chevron.