Thursday, July 12, 2007

Love & Hate

How can it be possible to love and hate something at the same time?


I love the patterns of lace. The designs, the open work, the delicate nature of the project. The only thing...I HATE lace weight yarn. There I said it.

What do you think? I do a row and I'm sweating bullets. Oh, did I drop a yarn over? The stress that goes along with knitting lace is really not my thing. Every so often I put it down and pick up my socks and think Wow this yarn is thick!! HA.

The yarn is Lacy Lamb in the Bordeaux colorway. It's a really deep plum that is almost reaching into a black tone. It is very nice on the hands, soft to the point of almost cashmere...just like the website states. Now if your not familiar with how thin this type of yarn is...think thread.

On other knitting news. We have more progress with the Candy Socks. They have begun to Jaywalk. See that thick brown strip around my ankle...yeah, it's starting to zig and zag. I'm not sure how tall I'll make the cuff...cuz I'm thinking of a matching baby pair for Miss Mac.

Also, an update on the 1,000 Knitters Event has been posted by Franklin. I'm thinking of heading up there via Metra/L train...makes great knitting time;) If anyone else is interested in joining me or if your planning on venturing out this Saturday, maybe we can do lunch.

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Merry Gentlemen said...

If you stopped now on that lace project and attached string to the corners, you'd have yourself a nice thong. And you'd be done with a whole project!