Friday, July 20, 2007

Mid-Friday Update

This is proof that I love my job.

Shot taken from bleacher seats at Wrigley Field. If your a South Side Sox'll know my pain. Other wise it's hard to explain. After a couple of beers I forgot where I was and started routing for the other team. Not a good idea. hahaha. I then ducked out come the 7th inning stretch...I do have work to do people.

And since I can't leave you with the Wrigley image...I gotta give you my sock update. Yeah, I know it's only a couple of rows, but when your coworker tells you to keep the purse at work and you have a mild heart attach because you wont be able to knit on the "L"...oy. Damn Muggle. And as a side note...I serious hope the pooling shifts.

Hopefully soon I'll post again with sock and Harry Potter #7 in hand.

And for all of you still hanging on the edge over me having a kid. Hold your breath a bit longer. I told hubby I'd need more time to think about it.

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Mrs. H said...

Keep your purse at work?!? Why that's crazy talk, woman! You really need to educate this person as to why knitting must be present at all times. Or you could get a KnowKnits pouch... it attatches to your belt loop or wrist and is a lot less trouble than dragging a purse around when Muggles are less than knowledgable about our cultural differences. :)