Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Dat's My Bag Baby

So yeah, I've been having issues with my bag/purse/knitting on the go.

My most recent purse purchase was back in May. I liked the look and 40 percent off makes for a quick sale with me;) Since the purchase I have been disappointed. The size has left me wanting more. I mean, is it necessary for me to have to yank the wallet out? In the big scheme of things, I don't think I tote the whole kitchen sink with me. Everything in my purse I use on a regular basis. Tissues, lipstick, lotion, gum, wallet, camera, address book, keys, train pass...I do have to admit the occasional wet wipe, diaper and Thomas toys end up in there too;)

Now, you might have realized that there was NO knitting in the purse. Cool, no prob...I carry a separate bag for my knitting. You may have remembered this:

I love it. It's awesome. Yet when my purse decided to tear and eat any loose change and US 7 NEEDLE THAT A KNITTER WAS GOING CRAZY OVER!!! ok...it's okay. Breath.

I wanted a new purse. No, I need a new purse. So why not get a purse that I can carry my knitting around too? Cool. I think I must have lost my mind some where between finding my US 7 needle and being poked by my project through the Felted Entrelec bag. sigh.

I feel in love with the Jordana Paige bags. I didn't buy right away. I went out and researched. Everything is super expensive. I just couldn't swing 200 bucks for a leather bag. It all came back to that knitting satchel....ahhh. It was perfect and last night it arrived.

I'm still testing it out, but so far I'm pleased.


Rebecca said...


I think I may swoon.

heather t said...

I don't know if you're familiar with Doctor Who (British TV show), but he travels around in a machine that looks like a police call box (phone booth) on the outside, and is HUGE inside.

That's the kind of purse I want. Smallish outside, HUGE inside. Sadly, I don't think they exist in our dimension. :(