Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Kool Sweater and Candy Socks

Since I couldn't decide on what put on the needles, I went with two new projects. It was really bugging me that I had frogged the two almost finished Candy Socks. Not so much about the frogging. Since I've come to live with my mistakes and the fact that I need to do things 2, 3 or even 4 times. What was frustrating was that I wanted to have them finished. They were suppose to be apart of my wearable stash of socks...so, their here again. Better then ever, my Candy Trekking Socks:

Cute toes-zzez.

Next up is the spontaneous Kool-Aid Mac Sweater or KAMS for short;) I took measurements and just casted-on without so much as a thought as to any design. I'm just knitting. Once I got done with the rib, I then had a moments thought of a cute cable. So, I snagged the center cable from the Central Park Hoodie and put that into the mix.

Now what? I've stopped so far, but I want to introduce cables on either side of the shoulder blade areas...is it odd to just start doing a twisted cable? I'm going to search for a possible knot or funky cable... Hummmm. Maybe a little Firefly action to mix it up a bit?

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Knitterary said...

What about a heart cable, or an OXO cable? Either would be darling on Miss Mac.