Wednesday, September 19, 2007

TLAP Day - Arrrrg!

With September 19th, brings Talk Like a Pirate Day. What a better way to spend a Wednesday then to incorporate the slang into some form of conversation.

Avast matey, I bestow ye with a merry yarn:

A bartender looks up from the bar and sees a pirate with a peg leg, a hook hand, and patch over one eye.

Startled, the bartender asks "What happened?!" "Just a month ago your body was relatively whole, now..."

The pirate responded:
"Aye, 3 weks agor a conn'n ball took me leg. Now juss this peg to use."

"Thin 2 weks ago I gave up my h'nd in a sword duel."

"Thin 13 days agre a cursed bird shat in me eye."

The bartender, perplexed, said, "But you have a patch over it; certainly a little guano would not cost you an eye."

With a chagrin grin the pirate told him, "Well, it were my first day wit der hook..."


Aye, were be me rum?

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