Monday, September 17, 2007

My Special Day

I had started a post about my birthday...then totally lost steam. I turned 33 this past Friday and without to much of an event. I had started a list of 33 random things about me and only got to number 8. Then I was trying to think of something really cool, like what are some random facts from 1974...that was way over before the words were typed.

So, there you have special day. I guess I could just turn it around and tell you good stuff like....that the boys at work took me out for lunch. During which I consumed two Mojitos and was picked up early by my hubby and Little Miss Mac. She got to woo the office with her 3-year old charm and I was off work early....Joys!

The only other random news I have:

1. The pool is officially closed for the season...bummer.
2. Eric's Teacher called just hours ago to say how he's got incomplete work. sigh.
3. Potty training is going to give me gray hair....and answer me this. How do you get rid of poop on the carpet? don't ask.

Some knitting was done...non to show. Happy Monday folks.


Anonymous said...

Carpet - Pick up what you can. Then put some regular dish soap in some fairly warm water and scrup with an old terrycloth washcloth. Works with the dog issue.


dreamsweaver said...

I very belated Happy Birthday. We will do it up in style on Wed.

Alice said...

Birthdays just aren't the same as they used to be huh? I miss being little and getting toys, or at least in college you could go out and party... now it's just meh.

It doesn't sounds like your day was too bad though--atleast you got a couple of mojitos! ;)

Knitterary said...

Happy belated birthday!