Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Poo to the Next Level

In case your curious about my poop issue. I wont go into to much details (as it's pretty gross), but lets just say she went exploring. Hey, I'm all about curiosity but for as much as she's NOT wanting to go on the potty...exploring in one's diaper is not a good idea. I could stop there, but seeing how I can't stop...I'll put another image in your head. Little Miss Mac loves to finger paint...does that give you a good idea of how I spent my Sunday night? I know...ewwwwwww. Thanks for the tip MO, I'll be cleaning the carpets this weekend. sigh.

Knitting News:

Okay, with secrete knitting comes no update...but I can say one project is off the needles and on to the next.

I'm still pretty behind in the projects considering I only have 4 weeks till the baby shower for the twins and haven't started on them yet. I will share some info with you on them since the mommy doesn't read my blog...that I know of. If you are ...Hi Alexis...stop reading now as to not spoil your gift!! I knew I wanted to do a blanket, then the whole twins thing came into light...I could still do blankets, but would make them smaller then the original. I was thinking something simple, like a basket weave pattern.

Kinda like this set I made for a co-worker:

Instead of a small pattern, I'll increase the weave to more like 10 stitch knit, 10 stitch purl for a larger weave texture. Go up on needle size and get a thicker worsted yarn. I'm thinking Pink and Blue since the sexes have been announced...hummm. Two blankets, and at least two sets of booties? in 4 weeks? I can totally do it. I'll just skip lunches, wake up earlier and go to be late...right?


amlahe616 said...

That is the cutest set. I have faith that you can whip them up. And EWWWWW. I hope you get it out of the carpet.

Knitterary said...

I'm a bit pressed on my secret knitting, too, but hope to get at least a couple hours in over the weekend.

And hey, at least I don't have to get toddler poo out of the carpets. What about using some of those products they make for pet owners? Those might help.