Monday, March 19, 2007

The Run Down...

Even though I had plenty of knitting time set aside for this weekend. I didn’t get much accomplished and that’s okay. I had a great time hanging with Mary Bridget on Saturday afternoon. We ventured out to Wool and Company in Geneva. Gosh, I was struck by how quant the little town is. Wouldn’t mind going back to see more the the yarn shop and of the local scene.

MB’s got this booby thing happening over on her side of the knitting universe. (hehe, booby...I know I’m still 12) She has just launch a blog called Knit-A-Tit which is a knit along dedicated to supporting breast cancer research by knitting fun, funky hand-knitted breast prostheses. Go check it out.

Also, I had a great opportunity to play my part in the Knitters Represent march on NY this coming Thursday. If you haven’t been keeping up with the Harlot and her book launch, then go check out what she has in store. Watch out NY, your in for treat. Well, any-who...I’ve been listen to Guido who produces a podcast called It’s a Purl Man. He requested a slogan for knitters and hopefully the design of a poster for his Today Show quest on Thursday. I certainly couldn’t let the man go without some artistic knitter symbol...right? My first design did win the ultimate opportunity of showcasing, but I did help him restructure another submission and I’m more then pleased to share this with you too:

Set your Tivo’s...or if your like me, the damn VCR to Thursday and tape the morning Today Show. I soooo hope he get on camera!! We need to swamp the media with our pointy sticks.

Oh...maybe I should show you some knitting? Okay...if you insist.

I’m so piss right now. Can you believe that this is practically the whole ball? Yes, people...the damn CPH swatch is coming out great and this swatch is only 5 in by 10 in....sigh. Oh, and to make it even gauge is completely off. --sniff-sniff--

Okay...onto something else...Ambrosia Lace socks....

Cool huh? Oh, yeah own pattern and it’s coming together super quick. I knitted the whole section of lace just from last night till this morning train commute. I’m happy something in my knitting universe is going good;)

Wow! What a long post. I think that’s all I wanted to say for now, till next time folks...just keep knitting.


Mary Bridget said...

Thanks for the plug and the button, Kris.

somebunnysloveDOTcom said...

Hi Kris! This is Kimberly saying thanks for helping us on our day of Representing Knitters. :)
Bunny hugs,

Kris said...

I'm glad I was able to help:)