Sunday, March 25, 2007

More Knitters Represent

Wow...just surfing the net for more representing knitters and here is what I’ve found.

Wooly Buns has a some great shots of Guido’s poster (designed by me...hehe - just click on the photos to see them larger) LOVE seeing things in action and it’s great that I could help out and be apart of the fun;)

Kimberly has a great run down of the representing day...and who also guest starred on a great podcast with It's a Purl Man --listen in and you'll almost feel like you were there.

Sit n Knit captured knitters, knitted items, bloggers and sooooo much more.

Wooly Belle’s Photos has a tons to show off.

Wooly Eyes was there and Represented.

Mason Dixon has an amazing display of the sock meet up in the park.

Lincoln Blog got some clips off the TV of the Today Show event.

Knitting News:
I’ve swatched for the Central Park Hoodie and emailed the members over at the Knit-Along. I ended up tossing the Classic Elite over to the side. I’ve got some ideas for a future project and ended up pulling out my Berroco Ultra Alpaca in hunter green.

I’ve gotten gauge by going up in needle size, but row gauge is still off. I’ll just have to make sure the length isn’t too off. Definitely knitting certain pieces together to keep them as symmetrical as possible. My only major decision at this point is to figure out which size to knit. I’m a perfect 40 inch bust and the pattern has a 40 in pattern, but does this mean that it will be fit and form fitting? Should I go up to the next size...which is 44 inches. I knit loose as it is, and from what I’ve read the pattern is on the smaller size. I wonder if this “smaller” talk has anything to do with peoples tension or actual gauge and pattern. I don’t want a form fitting hoodie, yet I also don’t want swim in the garment either. Oy...the torment.

Boy, oh boy...this post is turning into a story. I also finished my gorgeous, Ambrosia Lace socks. The joys of a finished object....delicious. Take a look at my pictures (please ignore the hairy legs):


Rebecca said...

Oh my! You are so prolific. I feel like such a lazy bones in comparison.

Those socks are super pretty. Either you have amazingly hairless legs and can bend in half while on your tip toes, or you are modeling the socks on mannequin feet. :)

Rebecca said...

Oh, and I forgot to mention, thanks for the plug. :)

somebunnysloveDOTcom said...

Thanks for mentioning our poster! It was such a blast on Thursday. Stephanie's hug made the day even more perfect for me.

Mary Bridget said...

It's bad for your laptop to stand on it that way.

Mary said...

Thanks for listing my posts. The whole day was a blast what with meeting other knitters and gawking at their gorgeous knitted items.

Knitterary said...

How close are you on row gauge? We can always help you recalculate armhole shaping, etc.

For a cardigan, I usually want around 4 to 6 inches of ease. That means I knit to a finished size that's 4 to 6 inches larger than my actual bust size. Some like them looser, some tighter, but 4 to 6 inches will generally give you enough room to wear it over a turtleneck or light sweater. (My husband will only have one inch of ease, but that's cuz I like to keep him close to my skin. Heh.)

So look at the pattern schematics and compare them to your actual measurements. We can do the math on Wednesday.

vanessa said...

nice socks :-)