Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Stretching the Mind

I'm not sure if most parents think about stretching their kids minds, but I sure do. I'm always thinking of different ways to have my son experience life and all it has to offer.

Growing up and through out my life I've met handfuls of kids and adults who haven't learned or explored. I mean come on.. who doesn't learn to ride a bike? or swim? or do their own laundry. Believe me folks, there are tons of them out there just wondering around the world. How do they get through the day?

Which brings me to my latest attempts to enlighten my son's palate. We sit down and go through cookbooks and choose something to make on the weekend. I would prefer the "choice" to be a nice one dish thing, but it's really up to him. His first pick was a lemon rice soup.

I don't love lemon and actually prefer to stay away from it unless it involves a dessert, but it's his pick and so I support the idea.

It's a simple dish and really not hard at all to make. We pick up eggs, chicken stock, lemons and get to it. Mr. E is all excited about this dish and is cracking eggs like nobodies business. I explain why we temper the eggs with some of the hot stock and slowly whisk the soup together. Before you know it we have with yummy soup all hot and bubbly on the stove. His smile is from ear to ear.

That is until we taste it. Dudes. We put in to much lemon juice. sigh.

I say, We can fix it...and I go to grab some sugar ... and lets just stop right there because the flash backs are tingling that sour taste reflex on my jaw.

A whole batch of soup. dead.

~~~~Let me distract you with the Leafling socks~~~~

Mr. E has now excluded himself to his room and is highly disappointed in cooking. Not wanting his first recipe to stop him from trying another, I check the amount of ingredients and plan a redo on the recipe. Everything is looking great. I temper the eggs with the hot broth. Then slowly add it to the rice broth and all of a sudden I got egg drop soup. dudes, it curdled.

Me and my iron stomach couldn't even look at the thing without gagging. Oddly enough my husband had some and said it was delicious but strange.

~~~~Again, another distraction. Fulmar is back in my hands.~~~~

Do you have a recipe that is MUST? Any ideas would be welcomed. I would hate to let the Rice Lemon Soup day take my son out of the kitchen.


A :-) said...

Oh that Leafling is gorgeous! I would like to knit those!! Yay for Eric trying the soup - grand mistakes are often grand inventions, so I hope he doesn't give up :-)

Laurelena said...

I can't stop staring at the Leafling socks. Those are to die for!!

As far as recipes, I recommend You can search for certain types of recipes, or ones that include certain ingredients, and best of all, read the reviews and comments, because then you can see what people recommend and how they rated it first. My favorites there are World's Best Lasagna, Chicken Tortilla Soup V, and Delicious Ham and Potato Soup.