Monday, April 07, 2008

What a Weekend

First off, Saturday was filled with plenty knitting. Nana's Knitting hosts a knit night every first Saturday of the month. I LOVE on some weekends when the kids are away with Grandma, I'm home knitting on the couch anyway. So, why not join along with others?

While there I got the chance to pick up the book: Things I Learned from Knitting by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee (AKA: Yarn Harlot). Yeah, we're all pretty psyched that she'll be in town for the book signing on April 25th. Party Time!

Afterwards I headed to Becca's for another knit group meet up. What fun it was to fall in love with the new house and also to visit with Mo (AKA: Mother-In-Law) and Baby M. I came home with new yarn...which I will gladly share with you soon. I would like to give them the full attention of a single post instead of just shoving them along with a weekend update. They are yummy and deserve it.

While Saturday was filled with yarn and visits, we had a few visitors of our own this weekend. Guess who?

These little tykes are going on 6 months come the 16th of April. They are very serious and are truly unique and different. While sleeping they look very similar but once up and at'm they bloom into their own.

Nanaidia and Tyrin are coming along great and most certainly know how to run the show. After having them over, I can't honestly see myself having another. What energy it takes...I think as time goes on and kids get bigger, you forget about all the little stuff. Like spit up down your shirt as you do "bouncy, bouncy baby up". sigh. And I'm okay with all that. That is, the spit up and not having more kids.

I hear you! You say, With all these knitting session you must have progress? Of course my pretties. My "Gator" beach socks are on their way off the needles. Some of you had mentioned a possible pattern for this, as I really have just pulled it out of my arse... I don't see why that would be a problem. I can easily write up the notes from what I'm using now and post a PDF link to download. I do know however that this wouldn't fly on a Knitty submission as you can't blog about the project before or during submission.

I've also been concentrating on this:

Nothing like reading the Stitches Midwest 2008 brochure while knitting with Nature Cotton. This yarn is very lovely and super soft for a cotton. I just don't know what garment will work best and unless I try, I'll never full know. I had intended to knit the Cozy V-Neck Rib sweater from the Fitted Knits, but I just don't see this yarn working well for that. I had caved and figured I like the Wicked pattern so much, that why not try it out.


Knitterary said...

OMG those babies are so cute, I just want to kiss their necks!

A :-) said...

Oh bummer about Knitty :-(

And those twins are darling! Can they really be 6 months old already?!

KathyR said...

Very cute babies! But I do agree with how much work they are.