Friday, April 11, 2008

What Gives?

I've been spending quite some time on Ravelry and I'm seeing a huge trend in Debby Downers. You know, the people who make complete asses of themselves while trying to do What? I don't get it. Why would you enter into a Fan group and go on an on about how the world doesn't revolve around you! sigh. Not to say I'm all Pink and Blue Happy Thoughts, but sheesh get over it.

It reminds me of the commercial on TV now days. It starts off with a guy messing with a printer in a generic office. He gets frustrated that the printer doesn't work and goes storming off in a huff. A woman then passes him by and says "How's it going Frank?" all chipper and upbeat. Frank then reacts with a very sarcastic ton "How's It Going Frank!"... then next couple of scenes are the office going ballistic.

That my friends is how some forums go on Ravelry. I'm not downing Ravelry...just some of the crybabies members.

Okay, I'm now going to distract you with knitting.

My latest obsession. I blame Tangled. It's the Pea Pod Baby Set (Ravelry Link) The set contains a sweater and hat. Since my Knit Picks order came in on Tuesday, I haven't put it down. It is definitely a fast knit. At first I was all "why do they call it pea pod"... but duh! the lace pattern has little pea pods..come on everyone, say it with me...awwwwww.


Knitterary said...

Oooh, shiny new project! Very nice! Which baby gets to wear it?

I <3 ravelry, too. Give it some time. There's a weird universal-cranky vibe running through everything right now. It will pass.

Laurelena said...

It's looking marvelous!! I love the color you chose!

By the way, I'm putting the blame right back on you. I started the Wicked sweater! :D

A :-) said...

Very cute, and I love the color!

I've also noticed a lot of snarkiness in the ravelworld of late. Maybe too many people who stay online for too many hours a day?? Don't know, but I think Knitterary's right and it will pass.