Wednesday, April 02, 2008

The Sunny Side

The only bad thing about vacation is that it all eventually ends and life goes back to a regular routine. I was super lucky that I had my Rockin Sock Club package waiting for me at work. Monday didn't seem so bad knowing I had fiber waiting for me.

While I think back to all the great moments from my visit I'm providing a
LINK TO VIEW PHOTOS from the trip. Go check them out, some are seriously funny. I don't think I've laughed that hard since my last SnB meeting.

Here is just a quick look at what fun...

I love that shot... in fact I have it as wallpaper on my computer.

Can you tell I'm still on vacation mode? I like feeling like that. Not stressed out ready to go postal on the next victim to enter my office. Now, I just smile and say "suuuuure"..."nooooo, problem". Will it last? Not much longer.

So you might have seen me mentioning knitting on The Fulmar over holiday? Sure did, so much so that I started another yarn cake. You want proof? Sure, nooooo problem;)

And I can already hear you. "What's That There?" Yes, a new bag. I LOVE it. One of the places we visited was the Renaissance Fair in Tampa.

It's fully lined with a zippered pocket on the inside and small outside pockets. The vendors name is Gypsy Wings and unfortunately their website doesn't have the stuff I saw at the booth. Going to the Fair has really made me want to set a date for the Wisconsin Fair coming this summer. Now, where did I put my 1800 century French inspired Bodice;)

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Nancy said...

OMG! We went to that faire in Tampa last year -- isn't it awesome? Looking forward to Bristol this summer, too...