Thursday, April 17, 2008

Random Thursday

I'm happy to announce that the Baby Pea pod cardigan is off the needles. I need to find cute little buttons this weekend before I do the big Finished Object (FO) post, but because I know you want to see a sneak peak...


I do have to give a quick shout out to Trish at Nana's Knitting for showing me the light. Thank you so much for your Finishing Class. I'm proud to see my seams turning out like they should. Now, when I give this away I wont feel this over looming "Yeah, it's handmade... aww, isn't she cute how she does that thing...whats it called knitting?" – instead I will be able to hand off something that I feel is precious.

The next piece for this "set" is the pea pod hat and if it's as quick as the sweater, then I'll have that done over the weekend.

I also started on my March club package for Socks That Rock. The pattern name is Leafling and as I was waiting on my needles from Knit Picks I saw several other members having difficulty getting sizing right even when accomplishing gauge. I'm attempting to knit this pair in a size small to compensate for these concerns. So far I've finished the top rib and now moving on to the pattern.


In other random news, I had briefly considered joining the company softball team. I don't think I was thinking clearly. Lets call it peer pressure and move on. With good weather comes outside responsibilities... or like others would call: lawn care. I used to have this romantic idea about how I would putter in the garden...yeah, not so much. Reality can totally blow up these images of laying in a hammock under a shade tree while slowly being rocked by the sweat smelling wind. Especially when weeds wont stop growing from your stone landscape and why does half of my grass have either poky things or just dead? sigh. Gotta love it.


heather t said...

The sweater is beautiful and I love. that. green.

I see you are doing 2 at a time on a circ - how did you learn that? I'm thinking my dpns have had their day.

KathyR said...

Love your Peapod Baby cardigan - so cute!

Knitterary said...

Your finishing work is gorgeous!