Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Count Down to Friday

This Friday is going to be FAB-U-LOUS. Do you want to know why? Well, hell I'm taking the day off of work and plan on knitting every stinkin' moment I can with my bitches;) Hollar!

Stephanie Pearl-McPhee (aka: Yarn Harlot) will be in town for a book signing. I have my book and reserved ticket all ready to go for the event hosted by Nana’s Knitting Shop. Hope to see you there!

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I do have to apologizes for my last post referring to actually finishing of something or Anything over the weekend. I'm so damn flighty when it comes to projects. I tell myself: Hey Self, why don't you work on This? Nope. Don't wana. – Wonders never cease to amaze me that I finish anything at all.

I did buy buttons for the pea pod sweater and now both the hat and cardie are blocking away. By my calculations, I knit that set up with only 4 skeins of Shine. I bought 6...I'm pretty blown away by this. With the left overs, I'm thinking maybe a cute toy to join the set.

Hey! Miss B (aka: yarnorgy) do you think I can crochet a octopus using the extra yarn?

My other project has been the Wicked (#2) done up in the Nature Cotton. I had some issues with color differences in the dye lots, and lucky when winding them all up together only discovered the one odd duck in the bunch. I'm pretty far on the main body and about 5 skeins in. I'm not sure how long I want the sleeves, so I'll just play it by ear. I love that I can toss the whole project on some waste yarn to try it on. Here is a picture:

So far the only modification I've done is cast-on for the smaller size. I then followed the instructions for the larger size. I was worried about the neck being really dippy and with cotton it will most likely stretch out.


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k_purls2 said...

I like the color. I might have to give wicked a whirl. I do like Zephyrs patterns. I'm wearing my green gable on Friday. Yipee! See you there!

Laurelena said...


I'm doing the same thing, Kris. See you there :D

Digging the Wicked by the way. I'm so pleased at how fast it knits up!