Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I Learned Something New

When I was first interested in playing with yarn, I had a choice: Knit vs. Crochet

Not knowing really the full difference between the two, I picked knitting as my path. This choice was based on the amount of knitting books available, so when I was looking for a book to learn the craft I went for the two sticks verses the hook. Not that I have anything against crochet...it's just that I've always had something else going on and not a particular pattern that would push me forward into that world.

That all ended when a fellow SnB (Yarnorgy on Ravelry) started making these adorable toys. She would pop these suckers out like the wind and when I saw this:

How freakin' adorable is that? A girl frog with kissable lips and everything. I just had to know how. This past Friday (Harlot Day), I sat down with Miss B and she walked me through the steps. You know I was hooked, right?

I'm proud to introduce...

Mr. Octopus, he was made from one skein of Knit Picks Sport Shine. The last of the icord legs was put on Monday night and then he was let loose into the house.

Things got a little crazy but nothing to out of the norm for us;)

Here is my Wicked #2 progress shot taken this morning. I need to do some sleeves and then it's another finished object. I think I'm just lucky my son didn't give me bunny ears... you don't think he likes the camera much do ya...oh yeah he does.


Knitterary said...

You did it! Wow, that octopus came together fast!

Anonymous said...

You rock! The octopus truned out FANTASTIC! yarnorgy